The book that influenced me most

I like reading in my spare time and the book that influenced me most is the 7 habits of highly effective prople. It ?let me know that in order to be successful in the world , it is not enough for a person to be proactive,begin with the end in the beginning , put first things first , independent but also one should understand others , think win-win and learn to de interdependent. Good habits are essential to keep healthy physically and emotionally and Whatever ?you are and wherever you are , being ?a true man is the most important.

The film that inlulenced me most

I have seen many films so far and the film that influenced me most is the pursuit of happiness . It let me know that whatever difficulty you are in, as long as you don't give up, there is always a way out. You are the owner of yourself and happiness is awaiting you if you are willing to pursue it.